Welcome to the Office of
Dame Patience Jonathan
(First Lady of Nigeria 2010 - 2015)

Mama Peace

Her Excellency, Dame (Dr) Patience Faka Jonathan, is a distinguished figure in Nigerian public life, she served as the First Lady of Nigeria from 2010 to 2015.


Born with a deep commitment to education, community development, and women’s empowerment, Dame Patience Jonathan’s tenure as First Lady was marked by her tireless efforts to improve the lives of Nigerians, particularly focusing on women and children.

Dame Patience Jonathan was born on October 25, 1957, in Okrika, Rivers State, Nigeria. She pursued her education with great determination, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt.

Throughout her tenure as First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan was a passionate advocate for women’s rights through her Women for Change Initiative that pushed for the 35% affirmative action for women in governance, this move saw the largest number of female appointees in the government of President Goodluck Jonathan, an action that has since remained unmatched by successive governments. She championed various causes aimed at empowering women, enhancing healthcare infrastructure, and promoting access to quality education for all. Her philanthropic initiatives reached far and wide, touching the lives of many Nigerians and leaving an indelible mark on the nation.

Dame Patience Jonathan’s legacy as First Lady endures through the numerous initiatives and programs she spearheaded during her time in office. One of note is her work with Aruera Reachout Foundation, through her foundation she was able to treat 700 children with heart disease, a venture which cost the foundation an estimated $20,000,000 (twenty million dollars).

Her commitment to social welfare, education, and women’s empowerment continue to inspire positive change in Nigeria. She is fondly called Mama Peace, a name that signifies her passion for peaceful coexistence of everyone, as she constantly propagated the need for peace and stressed the fact women should be the ambassadors for peace, she strongly believed that no nation will successfully reach its potentials if peace eluded them.

Beyond her public role, Dame Patience Jonathan is a devoted wife and mother. She values family and community, believing in the power of unity and collective effort for nation-building. She is full of empathy, a trait that anyone close to her can affirm.

Her Excellency Dame Patience Jonathan has received numerous awards and honors in recognition of her outstanding contributions to society. Her dedication to the betterment of Nigeria and its people has earned her respect and admiration both nationally and internationally. She received the “Beyond The Tears” International Humanitarian Award New York, USA, in 2008, for her role in the global fight against HIV/AIDS; the African Goodwill Ambassador Award (Los Angeles, USA, 2008); the “Wind of Change” Award from the South/South Women’s Organization, and most recently ‘Distinguished First Lady of the Decade in Nigeria award’ by PSM.

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